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Fasting has to be one of the least-understood concepts in Christianity today.  Most followers of Christ know that the Bible talks about it, but are unsure if it is to be practiced, and if it is to be practiced, why and how.  It is my conviction that our general ignorance on fasting is, at least in some sense, intentional. We know that understanding its purpose and necessity would call us to face some pretty harsh realities about ourselves, namely our stifled desire for the things of God – or worse yet, for God Himself. But fasting is a part of the counsel of God, and has purpose and a place within the lives of believers. It’s OK to be ignorant; it is not OK to remain ignorant.

To that end, I draw your attention to one of the finest resources on fasting that I’ve come across:  A Hunger for God by John Piper.

This resource is available free as a pdf, readable on Kindle and other ebook formats. I encourage you to make use of this valuable resource.

If you’d like a brief preview of the book, you can find it here.

To the praise of His glory!