Today at church I happened upon a piece of paper with this question scrawled on it:  How do I find time to read my Bible? 

The answer is really very simple.  It all comes down to priorities.  How important to you is God’s Word? See, it’s not about finding time, it’s about finding time that we aren’t using for anything else.  We have all kinds of time.  The problem is we have a lot of things we like to do with ‘free’ time, and reading the Bible is one more item on our list of things we want to do (or at least we pretend it’s on the list).  Sure, many things make demands of our time which we have no control over.  Our parents make demands (schoolwork, chores, family time).  Our bosses make demands.  Our bodies demand that we eat and sleep.  The rest of our time is ‘free;’ nothing is demanded of us.  We can use it however we like.

And the sad fact is we just don’t like reading our Bible very much.

When spending time in God’s Word becomes a priority, we won’t look to ‘find’ time; we’ll make time.  It may mean giving up a favorite TV show or a favorite video game.  It may mean giving up a little time normally spent with friends.  It might even mean giving up a little sleep.  Spending time in God’s Word should top our to-do list.  If it doesn’t, our priorities are out of whack.

Really, if we believe the Bible is God’s Word, how do we not find time for it?

Finding Time for the Bible