Most of us have tried several different Bible reading plans.  Chronological, historical, New & Old Testament, straight through – there are many viable plans for making it through the entirity of God’s word in one calendar year.  Since there seems to be no shortage of Bible reading plans, let me throw one more option at you.

Dr. Grant Horner, professor at The Master’s College, has developed and modified a plan that is different from most reading plans.  Ten chapters a day, one from each of ten different sections, will get you through the whole Bible in 250 days – and in that time you will have read some books three times!  Like any other reading plan, Dr. Horner’s requires commitment.  But if you’ll take the time to read what a difference this plan has made for him, you might be intrigued enough to try it.

Below is a link to a .pdf that explains Dr. Horner’s reading plan.  If you choose not to use it, that’s fine.  Just make sure you are in the Word daily.

 Dr. Horner’s Bible Reading Plan

Ten a Day