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Where did God come from?

This question begins in our childhood, and if not given a proper answer, it can linger into adulthood. The reason it seems so difficult is that we live in a world of beginnings, so we assume that everything must have a beginning—including God.

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Isn’t the teaching that God is both three and one a contradiction?

The doctrine of the Trinity may be a mystery, but it’s not a contradiction. The phraseology is very important. We do not say that God is one person and three persons, which is clearly a contradiction.

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Antony Flew

There Is A God – From Atheist to Theist

In 2004, atheistic philosopher Antony Flew announced, to the chagrin of many in the philosophical world, that he was no longer an atheist. Flew, a British philosopher, is considered one of the most influential atheists of the second half of the twentieth century. As one would imagine, his announcement drew considerable fire from the atheistic community. 

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