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What is the doctrine of the incarnation?

The doctrine of the incarnation is the central truth of the Christian faith and the real meaning behind Christmas.

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We were at an apologetics conference Saturday in Plano when we heard the terrible news. A woman had apparently driven her car through a crowd watching an OSU homecoming parade.

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What is the theology of the cross?

During the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther contrasted what he called the “theology of the cross” with the “theology of glory.” To Luther, the cross of Christ was the focal point of salvation and of the Christian life.

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Trinity Core Seminars

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Longing for God

During a run the other day some words from a song by the Script came through my earbuds. I’d heard the song before but this day the pain in the singers’ words struck me with renewed vigor.

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Why do Christians believe the Bible is true?

The Christian faith rests upon the truthfulness of the Bible. If it could be shown that the Bible is false in its claims, then the Christian faith would be discarded on the trash heap of history. However, the Bible has stood the test of time and continues to withstand the continual attacks of modernity, and for very good reason.

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Who Created God?

Before we give a specific answer, it should be understood that in order for anything to exist at all, there must be something eternal.

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Can a person know if they will go to Heaven when they die?

The popular sentiment in our culture is that everyone will go to heaven, except for very bad people like Hitler or Saddam. This sentiment comes from the belief that if we do more good deeds than bad over the course of our lives, we are assured of heaven. However, if going to heaven is based on good deeds, we must not set the bar too high.

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Can God create a rock so big that he can’t lift it?

Can God create a rock so big that he can’t lift it? I think I was first asked this question when I was a student at Chickasha High School.

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