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If God Knows Everything

If God knows everything I will do, can I really make free choices?

This question has plagued philosophers and theologians for centuries. The debate centers on the tension between the sovereignty of God and the free will of man. If God is sovereign, that is, has full control over the universe, can man be free to make real cause and effect choices for which he is accountable?

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Should the church be seeker-sensitive?

As a pastor, I’m constantly bombarded with advertisements promising to take the church I pastor to new levels of success. This usually involves the latest marketing techniques and a communication style that is less offensive—more seeker-sensitive.

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Plato’s Influence on Christianity

For centuries now, scholars have recognized Plato’s influence on early Christian theologians. From the Apostle Paul to Justin Martyr, to Augustine of Hippo, all seem to have been affected in one way or another by Plato and his teachings. Many scholars seem to believe that Plato’s view of objective truth and reality affected the Apostles perception of the very nature of God.

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“Merry Christmas” versus “Happy Holiday”

Since the 1960’s, American culture has been trending toward secularization. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that we’re currently embroiled in a national debate over whether retailers (and others) should wish shoppers a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday.

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Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

Hypocrisy is commonly cited as a reason for not attending church. Admittedly, hypocrisy is not hard to find in church. But in reality, hypocrisy is not hard to find anywhere.

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The Foolishness of Preaching

The Ephesian Church in the middle of the first century had big problems; some of its key leaders were teaching false doctrine. The Apostle Paul sent his young protégé Timothy, armed with only the Scriptures, to confront these false teachers.

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Does God want us to be rich? (Part 2)

Patrick Henry said, “I have now disposed of all my property to my family. There is one thing more I wish I could give them and that is faith in Jesus Christ.

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Does God want us to be rich?

Does God want us to be rich?

A dangerous doctrine is afoot in some sectors of Christianity and is beginning to choke out the very heart of the Gospel.

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What is a Christian Worldview?

What is a Christian Worldview?

The term worldview (Weltanschauung) first appeared in Immanuel Kant’s “Critique of Judgment” in 1790, and describes an individual’s or group’s comprehensive perspective on the nature of reality.

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